This website is dedicated to the work of David Burnham Smith and has been prepared by a friend and collector of his work. His achievements in ceramic fine art are recognised by many people around the world. Apart from the United Kingdom pieces have found their way to USA, Holland, Canada, Japan, Spain and Russia.

All his work is labour intensive and each piece is unique in design or decoration. No drawings or construction lines are used during any stage of the process. Multiple high-resolution images of each piece have been used to illustrate the attention to detail David gives to all of his artwork. It is often appreciated that the closer you get with the naked eye the more there is to see. In addition, the decoration is sometimes raised which enhances the overall effect. As you will see from the images on this website humour, beauty and creativity are themes that feature very strongly in David's work.

As well as producing unique ceramics, David also works in bronze. Please refer to the bronze gallery.

After viewing this website people are invited to feedback their comments on While you navigate through the website click on small images to reveal full screen versions. Your patience is requested when downloading some of the pages as they may take a little time.

Please Note: This website is an archive of David's work only - it is not a selling site